Current Projects

Isomerization and Light Naphtha Splitter Plants: 10,000 BPSD

This EPC project is located in Midland refinery, Daura – Iraq, with a production capacity of 10,000 barrels per stream day (BPSD). The project is designed for the purpose of delivering octane-rich gasoline in accordance with global standards. The project includes engineering, supervision, procurement, fabrication, electromechanical erection work, pre-commissioning, commissioning, and test-run activities. Armada Group has currently completed about 95 percent of the project’s installation and erection of heavy plant equipment and structures, such as columns, reactors, heat exchangers, large pumps and compressors, horizontal and vertical vessels, Naphtha steel structures, and its isolated equipment.

Cooling Water System Project

This EPC project is located in the Midland Refinery at Daura – Iraq, with a production capacity of 10,000 m3/hour of cooled and clarified water. This project focuses on reducing the river water temperature from 46° to 32° Celsius providing sufficient cooling for the refinery usage. This project includes engineering, procurement, supply of all equipment and materials, construction, erection, supervision of civil works, pre-commissioning, commissioning, and test-run activities, with specific training for the refinery personnel. The plant process begins with a river water intake station, which includes vertical pumps installed on a floating barge, clarifiers, water storage basins, induced draft cooling towers, a chemical injection system with a booster, makeup, main circulation pumps, complete firefighting system, gravity side filters, and an entire piping network with a complete DCS.

In-Line Lube Oil Blending Unit (40 m3/hour)

This is an EPC state-of-the-art plant – an automatic, in–line lube oil blending unit located in the Midland Refinery at Daura–Iraq, with a production capacity of 40 m3/hour. Armada Group has taken charge of the engineering, supervision, procurement, fabrication, and electromechanical erection works. This plant was designed for producing the following five types of finished lube oils: car engine, commercial diesel engine, hydraulic and turbine, and other industrial oils.

The supply of this project includes providing all equipment such as hot boxes for additives (to heat additive barrels), pumps for emptying special additive barrels, tanks or vessels for special additives supplied with heating coils and mixers, pumps for blending special additives, pumps for emptying the main type additives, accessories, and recommended spare parts in order to produce oils by means of one in-line blending lube oil unit.